the Promise Project

Workshop Includes

  • The project has extended programming through September 2021. Please make a notation on that page!
  • Youth Meeting Online weekly
  • Resiliency Presentation with Dr T. A. Watson. 
  • Game Night twice a month ( Wednesdays ) 
  • Mindfulness Series is every Second & Fourth Wednesday with a curriculum—refer below for details.
the Promise Project

Workshop Offerings will cover the following topics

  • Self confidence and awareness
  • Turning pain into empowerment
  • Social Emotional Strategies 
  • Conflict resolution
  • Restorative justice ( internal conflict and external conflict)

The book is split into 3 major sections

Self confidence

Addressing identity, awareness, depression and suicide prevention

Social Issues

Spreading awareness of various social issues of injustice that directly impact the student experience


Providing guidance around how to identify and maintain healthy relationships with peers, teachers and family members

Truth is an empowerment guide for students that addresses social issues and systems of oppression,  provides Social Emotional strategies that promote self confidence and awareness while also validating and encouraging the student experience of our youth in today’s society. The content is powerful and the imagery is moving. 

Wednesdays ( twice per month 2nd/4th wednesday)

starting January 13th ( 1.5 hour) per session

January – February

February – March

March- April

  • Creation of charter / agreements
  • Foundations of yoga and mindfulness – body scans
  • “I am Powerful” – workshop part 1 and 2
  • Connecting yoga to mind
  • Suicide Prevention / depression culture workshop
  • incorporation of restorative justice
  • Yoga as a tool
  • Incorporation of restorative justice
  • Pain into empowerment (direct action)