"The Grace Project"

Building Resiliency within the Family.

The objective of this program is to reduce the psychological and behavioral problems of youth and their families. To preserve, support and stabilize youth and their families in crisis and at risk of out of home placement due to the youth’s criminal behavior. Increase their resilience through continuity of transformative mentorship, supportive relationships and case management, counseling and CTSS.

WellSpring Second Chance Center Minnesota Grace Project

Target Population:

* Youth / Young Adults 12-24 years
* Live In / and Under Hennepin County Supervision

Program & Services:

* Basic Needs Resources
* Parenting Services
* Transportation Assistance Services
* Provide a Physical & Safe Space to Engage Youth, Family Support Services
* Connect to Legal Advocacy and Support Services
* Parenting Services & Support
* Support for Expectant Youth / Young Adult Families
* Financial Literacy
* Connect to Trade Skills, Mentoring, Internships, Employment
* MindBody Mindfulness Practices to Restore a Sense of Well-being & Safety

WellSpring Second Chance Center The Grace Project
WellSpring Second Chance Center The Grace Project

This is an intensive alternative to out of home placement through

* Transformative Mentorship
* Trauma & Grief Resolution
* MindBody Mindfulness Practices
* Violence Interruption Services
* Training / Internship / Placement / Employment Services