Our organizational outreach to youth are both preventive and intervention based focus.  Much of our attention and outreach is directed to underserved youth struggling in traditional school setting, disengaged, youth that are unprepared ness to technology society, lack work readiness skills, from poverty stricken and crime ridden neighborhoods, but STILL HAVE DESIRE TO GRADUATE FROM HIGH SCHOOL.
Most of our youth served in our programs are typically from the following zip code: 55411, 55412, 55429, 55430, 55408, 55102, and 55107. Their ages range from 13-25 years old with a gender mix of both male and females from African American, Latino and Native American decent.

CEO Of WellSpring Second Chance Center
Our agency has had some success stories and a large part of success stories has generated from the 55411 and 55430 zip code. Most of the youth served come from crime ridden and poverty stricken communities.
ED Talk by Deseria Galloway
Approximately 80% youth served are the recipients of school lunch A participant came through one of our programs and a short time later, a partner called Wellspring up and asked if we had anyone who we could recommend to work with him and learn the trade, heating and air conditioning business and eventually take over the business.
We recommended one of our youth and that participant has been working with our partner for a year now. That former participant went back to school, secure his G.E.D. and is now enrolled in college night classes and working during the day. We pride ourselves in creating success stories.
To date we have served Hundreds of economically disadvantage individuals of color through two part-time programming. We have transitioned to full time programming and hope to make even a greater impact in our communities.