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WellSpring Second Chance Center Summer Intern

Welcome Summer 2020 Step Up Interns

Wellspring Second Chance Center is a place where you can come and be given variety of opportunities.

It is a place where you are treated as a family, they will tell you when you are right and wrong. The organization will help lead you to a life better then what you have at the moment. Wellspring will not lead you astray they will try their hardest to keep you from being incarcerated again.

HELPING is what this whole program is all about, a specially our young teens and adults in the community. Deseria Galloway does so many things to keep people on the right track, that I can’t keep track of all of them:

  • By housing people
  • Programs for people to learn how to be business orientated.

My summer internship 

by Jilian Petty

This summer I was the step up intern at wellspring and I love it. This summer I learned more about what’s happening in the city of Minneapolis and what I can do to help. I learned about wellspring and all that they do for the community and for black people. It’s been nice to be able to see how a non profit is run. I loved the groups we ran on Thursday. I liked hearing and seeing the stories of the people. I learned very good skills like how to digitally file and organize an office. This summer I helped with things like marketing and making flyers for events that I hope to do well. I was mentored and taught by Mrs. Galloway the CEO and learned so much from her this summer even thought it was short it was fun a full of fun.


Well Spring Second Chance Center is looking for volunteers.
“”All in all Wellspring Second Chance Center is just one big family tree and I’m glad to be apart of it.”
other work environments.”
~ Maia Machuca, Intern
Amanda Lee Intern
“For me, working at Wellspring Second Chance Center was a wonderful experience. Mrs. Galloway and all of the staff there were amazing people doing things that inspired me. I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone and gained experience from it but the workload never became too overwhelming to handle. The atmosphere of Wellspring Second Chance Center will be something that I will always look for in
other work environments.”
~Amanda Lee, Intern

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