EWCP 2024 accepting applications now!!!

Food & Alcohol Training start soon 

Job well done participants!!!

our new 2024 season will begin July 2024. If you are interested in participating in our next season, please contact Mrs Christy at 612/364/8483.
EWCP Program

EWCP Enrichment Program Key Points

EWCP Program Objectives:

Positively Engaging Youth / Adults who need a fresh start. We are committed to Creating Success Stories for those in our communities. We will be Creating Business Opportunity and setting the stage for the future. Those in the program will learn how to Reach Back to their Communities and give hope.

We will serve 45 youth and / or adults through this program.

Participants Criterion

  • Participants 16-27 years
  • Enrolled / Attending School and / or College
  • Had least one contact with law enforcement
  • Drug Free
  • Be currently unemployed
  • Do not commit New Infraction of the Law
  • Commit to TWO WEEK ENRICHMENT (5 days ).
  • Vikings Games and Special Events
  • Work at Vikings Games @ U.S. Bank Stadium
  • U of MN Sport Events

EWCP Program Modules

Financial Literacy

Facilitator: Kim Harmon

Participants will learn financial literacy and cognitive capability to produce better financial decisions from savings to picking stocks. They will learn budgeting, balancing a checkbook, selecting a financial institution, understanding credit terms, while managing their money wisely. How to avoid the pitfalls of getting into debt and how to start saving for their future!

Entrepreneurial / Self Employment Training Segment

Facilitator: Deseria Galloway

  • Providing participants tools they need to start their own business.
  • This will focus on entrepreneurial mindset, attitude, approach and creator of wealth
  • Work Based Learning
  • Develop Aspirations
  • Outside the Box

Computer Literacy Tutorial Classes

Facilitator: Sergio Martinez

  • Gain computer skills
  • Learn computer software
  • Allows participants to learn in the way they are best
  • Learn quick book, adobe, web, social media and how to be appropriate

Camera / Film Productions

Facilitator: Myron Green

  • Capture Moving Images
  • Production Communications
  • Video Productions
  • Camera Set Up
  • Experience working in T.V.
    • Technical
    • Functional
    • Artistic

Job Preparation Training / Expectations

Facilitator: Deseria Galloway

  • Appropriate Dress
    • Uniforms (if required)
    • Shirt –n-Tie (if required)
    • Dress shoes (if required)
  • Time Management
  • Attitude / Managing Your Emotions
  • What do you Bring to a Job
  • Budget / Finance
    • Opening account in financial institutions
    • Managing their money
  • Staying in School (requirement)
    • Secure G.E.D.
    • Secure High School Diploma
    • Post Secondary Education

Community Service


  • Art of Giving Back
  • Serving Our Communities