* Weapons / Guns transported in CLEAR FREEZER BAGS and/ or CLEAR GARBAGE BAGS
* One must Wear Mask to enter premises
*Starts 10:00-2:00 pm (strict timeframe)
* In Exchange for weapon Given Visa Gift Card (varying amounts) up to $200.00
* Offering Counseling / CTSS / Parenting in Difficult Times (Parent Mentorship Program)
                -No Insurance, No problem-Wellspring will pay for 4 Sessions 
                -If you have medical assistance, your Counseling/ CTSS is cover
 Law Enforcement across Twin Cities is aware of weapons being transported in clear baggies / garbage bags
                                                         They should not stop you 

                                                            Community Summit

*Panel Discussion, Valerie Castile, Crisis Mgr.-Dr. Langford, Office of Violence Prevention
*Panel Discussion, Youth/ Young Adult Offender, Attorney-Andrea Brown, Faith Leader-Steve Fitzhugh
*Panel Discussion, Psychologist-Bobby Brown, Mpls. Police-Inspector Art Knight

                                                             Register to Vote

* If you have yet to register the vote, one can do so on site as well.
* Must have I.D.


*Will receive  hand sanitizer
*Will receive one mask
* Will receive COVID Literature