Mission Statement

To enhance the lives of youth and adult ex-offenders and ensure a smoother re-entry back into society. Additionally, reduce the intergenerational incarceration of our youth, while contributing to a safer Minnesota.

Job Prep Services

Our tutoring program is geared towards those preparing for apprentice jobs in the area of Electricians, Carpentry, Laborers and Painters and other areas of the workforce.

– Assessing Basic Arithmetic, Algebra
a. Functions b. linear equations c. expressions d. geometrical shapes
– Reading / Comprehension
– 23 Numerical Reasoning

– Math Aspects
– Grammar
– Electrical / Mechanical Reasoning
– Spatial Reasoning

Pre-Apprenticeship Testing Prep

– Math evaluation exam study guide (carpentry)
– Reading / Comprehension (carpentry & electrician)

Eligibility Criteria

– 18 years old
– High School Diploma / G.E.D.
– Unemployed or Underemployed
– Commit to 8 weeks tutoring program (Saturdays) 10:00-12:00 pm